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The Irish Draught is a breed whose ancient history lies as much in battle as it does in agriculture.

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Welcome to Cushavon Park

Home of Quality Irish Draught and Irish Sport Horses

Conqueror King

Cushavon Park is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Irish Draught Horse in Australia. This wonderful breed are among the top showjumpers and eventers in the world and it is our aim to breed Irish Sport Horses suitable for any discipline.

Their kind, trainable temperaments make them a joy to own. Whether you love trail riding or you are a competitive rider the Irish Draught Horse excels in all disciplines.

Cushavon Park has many plans for the future of our breeding program. Standing our impressive imported Registered Irish Draught stallion "Conqueror King" we have been focusing on producing stock with lots of bone, correct conformation, a good working attitude and natural jumping ability.

"King" is supported by our three Irish Sport Horse stallions, "Owen Roe" "Leavara" and most recently has been joined by his son "Cuchulain".

CloverleafToday the Irish Draught is sought after for its breeding qualities. In England, the brood mare has been acknowledged as an excellent dam for a hunter, eventing, showjumping or dressage type when mated with a thoroughbred stallion. Now the Irish Draught stallion is being used more and more to provide extra bone and substance in the progeny of a lighter type mare.

The temperament of the Irish Draught is second to none. This is a horse who will follow you around like a pup in love and willingly and happily give you 100%. A horse that is happy in the company of his owner and whose docile disposition is winning hearts around the globe. Ridability is paramount - hours in the saddle is an absolute pleasure with the Irish Draught.

Read the Irish Draught Breed Standard.